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Wallet chain management suggestions
Reason: The cosmos SDK is a permissionless and accessible chain development tool. Any individual or organization can use it to develop network chains. With the increase of ecosystem members, it is not necessary to list all chains, because the cosmos ecosystem is about application chains. Users do not use every chain. Suggestion 1: Display by default. Therefore, the wallet should have only one cosmos hub chain by default. Users should add other chains by themselves instead of showing all chains to users. Suggestion 2: Ordering and displaying links When there are many links used by users, vertical arrangement is not suitable unless you add quick positioning of alphabetical arrangement, similar to the quick positioning of a-z on the right side of the address book, which solves sorting problems and allows you to use favorites. Chains marked with collection marks ★ will be placed on top of the a position, making the chain commonly used by the user easily available. Suggestion 3: Adding and hiding chains should distinguish between displayed chains and undisplayed chains. Like metamask, we can add a hierarchy menu to add unadded chains. When added, remove them to be displayed. Or like keplr wallets, when displayed and undisplayed toggles, it automatically floats and sinks. Because of the existence of the suggestion 2 alphabetical order, it should be sunk to the end of the chain letter, not the end of the whole chain. Suggestion 4: On the display screen of links, you should add or switch to icons and names below the links. Similar to the app icons on iPhones, the current list is not good for using multiple links. Other things to say: If if the implementation, add chain this point I do not think well, how should let the user know, perhaps should like win10, do a recent addition chain function, do you have any suggestions please comment.
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